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Our Surgical Expertise

With over a million new cases of skin cancers yearly in the United States, for many of us in the Bay Area, given the intensity of the sun here, it is not a question of ‘if,’ but rather, ‘when’ and ‘where.’

Mohs surgery is a subspecialty dedicated to conservative removal of skin cancers to preserve as much tissue as possible, and then to aesthetically repair the resultant wound. Compared to routine excision, Mohs surgery looks at 99% more of the edges of the removed tissue, thereby providing a far superior clearance rate for tumors. Having surgery once for a basal cell on your nose or a melanoma on your cheek is troublesome enough;
repeating the process again for the same incompletely excised cancer is unnecessary.

Fellowship trained Mohs surgeons spend an extra year of their training perfecting tumor extirpation, recognizing difficult histologic variants of cancers under the microscope, and refining flaps and grafts to yield less noticeable post-surgical scars.

Our familiarity with the intricacies of the Mohs procedure, extends to all facets of the procedure. Dr. Ewanowski and his staff will guide you through the whole process. The quality of our work is important, as is the impression you, the patient, gets from the experience. Suncoast Skin Solutions will be there from start to finish, and will work with your other healthcare providers to ensure that all facets of your care are coordinated. Contact us to schedule a consultation and your surgery.

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