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Candela Vbeam

shutterstock 106306331 - Candela VbeamCandela Vbeam

The Vbeam 595 nm pulsed dye laser is the single best option in the treatment of vascular lesions, such as broken facial capillaries and rosacea, as well as in the treatment of red acne scars, surgical or burn scars, hemangiomas, and port wine stains.

It achieves safe, reproducible, predictable results in patients of all skin types. Additionally, Vbeam treatments are well tolerated by patients of all ages, and do not require additional treatment with topicals or anesthetics that could further aggravate the skin.

The Vbeam works by delivering targeted laser energy to underlying vasculature over long periods of time. The gentle and uniform heating of vessels allows consistent and effective
treatment without much overlying change to the skin in the form of purpura or bruising. Additionally, our cooling system protects the epidermis in a uniform and predictable manner, further helping to prevent blisters and other undesirable side effects, while keeping you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Whether you are referred to Suncoast Skin Solutions by a pediatrician for a proliferation of capillaries on your child, or you seek us out for options to eradicate facial redness and broken blood vessels on the face, our expertise will make the consultation, as well as the treatment itself, easy and enjoyable.

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