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Originally pioneered by dermatologists and perfected technically over the past decade, Botox has revolutionized non-invasive age-erasing techniques. A purified derivative of botulinum toxin, the mechanism of action is to block release of a neurotransmitter, resulting in a chemical denervation. This denervation, or paralysis, is localized, and through careful technique can be focused on select muscles in the facial musculature, resulting in transient loss of facial wrinkles.

The noticeable effects of Botox injections last around 3-6 months and then resolve. The inactivated nerve endings slowly begin to recover function, and it is this recovery of inactivated terminals that causes the loss of effect several months after injection.

Safety is often a common concern for first time Botox patients, and rightfully so. However, the amount of Botox that represents a lethal dose is approximately 3000 units or 30 bottles of Botox. For cosmetic purposes, injections of less than 100 units are used With over ten years of vigorous clinical use, Botox has an unsurpassed safety record.

Originally, the use of Botox focused on eliminating wrinkles which had formed through years of use by the underlying muscles, but now is utilized to prevent lines from forming at all. Dr. Ewanowski has extensive experience treating both the upper and the lower third of the face and neck; areas which require a great deal of finesse in technique.

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