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Mohs FAQs

What should I tell your office when I call to schedule my surgery?

Some portions of your medical history are important to us, even before you set foot in the office. Please inform our staff if you take aspirin, Coumadin, or Plavix or if you normally take an antibiotic prior to dental work. Also, if you have a communicable infectious disease such as hepatitis, please inform the staff as well. We will likely see you for
consultation before the surgery, so we will review all pertinent medication concerns and relevant past medical history then as well.


How do I get to Suncoast Skin Solutions?

Our website has links to mapping tools or you may contact us.


How do I prepare for surgery?

Be well rested and try to eat a good breakfast. Take your usual medications, unless directed otherwise. We request that you do not take any aspirin or aspirin containing products, such as Anacin, Bufferin, or Excedrin, for ten days prior to the surgery. In addition, please do not take Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc.,) or Vitamin E supplements. These medications may”thin” your blood and cause more bleeding. You may substitute acetaminophen (Tylenol) if required. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before surgery. Shampoo your hair before surgery, as your wound and initial dressing may have to remain dry for 24 hours thereafter. The length of the procedure varies depending on the size and location of the skin cancer and the type of reconstruction to be done.


How long will the procedure take?

Although the average time is 3-5 hours to clear your tumor and reconstruct the resulting wound, you should plan on spending much of the day in our office. We ask that you limit the number of people accompanying you to one other because of the limited space in our waiting room. However, if your cancer is near the eye, on the forehead, or on the nose, please have someone available to drive you home, as sometimes either the reconstruction or the bandage, or both, may prohibit your ability to drive safely. There is plenty of time spent waiting for the lab work, so bring a book or handiwork to keep busy.


Preoperative Visits

A preoperative visit is most helpful. At this visit, the Mohs technique will be discussed in detail with you and you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Ewanowski and his staff. A medical history will be taken. A biopsy may be required, although most of the time that has already been done before your initial visit. Although we usually have received biopsy results from your physician, it is helpful to bring written reports of your biopsy if you have them available, so that we can confirm the type of cancer that we will be treating. Please bring a list of all of your medication with you on the day of your visit. The cost of Mohs surgery is usually covered under your medical insurance company. Please be prepared to give insurance information to our billing office and bring with you any forms that may need processing.


What should I bring with me?

The wait time for the meticulous processing of the tissue to ensure clear margins varies, but on average takes about an hour. This means that there will be significant free time in our waiting room, so bring a book, computer, or other handiwork to help pass the time.

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