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Scar Revision

shutterstock 105669602 1024x683 - Scar RevisionScar Revision

Scars, whether they are traumatic or surgically induced, are unpredictable. Many factors interplay to determine the final outcome of a scar: your skin color, the location, depth of injury, type of skin affected, amount of normal skin lost, and the direction of the scar all factor in.

The average patient may only be able to say that they dislike the appearance of their scar, but the highly trained eye can identify the underlying qualities of any particular scar that result in its ability to be discerned more easily from normal adjacent skin. It is here that our work begins. With a range of tools at our disposal at Suncoast Skin Solutions, we can work with you to treat your scar to make it less prominent. This may involve injections of medications, laser treatments, or surgical correction.

Surgical correction can vary from simple re-excision, to more complex rearrangement of the skin utilizing a technique known as z-plasty to move the scar into a more favorable location, along the natural lines of the body or face. Dermabrasion can aid in blending the scar into surrounding skin, as contour is paramount in achieving a cosmetically acceptable scar.

Post-surgical scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and contractors are amenable to intervention, but time is always the best ally, as many of these improve as the scar matures. At Suncoast Skin Solutions, we favor conservative approaches, but have the
expertise to treat all stages of scars.

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