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shutterstock 121586194 955x1024 - SubcisionAcne Surgery/Subcision

To truly correct a problem area that a patient has, the physician needs to understand what it is that causes the problem. Acne scars provide a perfect example of this.

On skin, the human eye detects subtle depressions and elevations, largely due to trapped light in the ‘valleys’ between the ‘peaks.’ The obviousness of acne scars, the ‘ice-pick’ or ‘boxcar’ type scars, is due largely to this phenomenon.

Subcision addresses the fundamental problem very directly, and that is why it so effective and provides patients with lasting and durable results, as well as a very high satisfaction rate. These scars, usually located on the cheeks, but possible anywhere, are depressed because of loss of skin thickness or tethering of the scar to deeper tissue. The creation of a new scar beneath the depressed scar combined with transection of the tether to underlying tissue results in an elevation of the scar. This procedure can be performed on single depressed lesions or on a hundred acne scars of the face in one sitting.

During a subcision procedure, the scars are marked, and then numbed with local anesthesia.  A special blade is used to create a pocket beneath each scar that releases any tethering and creates new scar tissue below the depressed scar. The resultant action during the healing process is to elevate the depressed scar. It is not uncommon to see a 30% or more improvement of each scar with a single subcision treatment. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve the dramatic outcome that patients thought they could never achieve.

At Suncoast Skin Solutions, we have found that sometimes combining two modalities gets the patient further along than one would anticipate: there is a synergy that is far greater than the additive effects can explain. That is exactly the case when subcision is coupled with the Fraxel laser. To schedule a consultation, contact Suncoast Skin Solutions.

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