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A spot can have many names: sun spot, lentigo simplex, solar or actinic lentigo, lentigo senilis, liver spot, freckle, or ephelides. Regardless of their name, these blemishes on the skin are telltale markers of cumulative sun damage, and in the Bay area, given the strength of the sun due to our proximity to the equator, they are commonplace.

Some studies place their incidence at greater than 90% of adults aged sixty and above! Importantly, multiple solar lentigines on the upper back and shoulders of adults may serve as clinical markers of past severe sunburn and may be used to identify a population at higher risk of developing skin cancers. This highlights the belief that if you come to Suncoast Skin Solutions, even for a minor cosmetic procedure, you should be offered a full body skin exam. This is simply our approach to maintaining high standards of patient care.

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