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Ultralight II Laser System

Ultralight II Laser System

Ultralight II Laser System

Our dual-wavelength YAG and KTP q-switched laser system can change the way you feel about your skin and yourself.

The ravages of the sun can lead to areas of dyspigmentation, often the first indication of a patients age are the brown spots dotting their face, arms, hands, and chest. These visible signs of solar damage can be specifically treated with our Ultralight-Q
laser. A quick and easy process, each individual dark spot is targeted and its pigment shattered by the high energy pulse that leaves the skin surrounding it untouched. When treating large areas such as arms and chest, we can mix laser treatments with a chemical peel to reverse the clock, removing age spots and restoring younger looking skin for the entire visible area.

Having second thoughts about that tattoo? Every day at Suncoast Skin Solutions we see patients whose new image doesn’t match with the tattoo that they had inked on when they were at a different point in their life. With two different wavelengths available in one powerful package, our Ultralight-Q laser can remove dark colored inks, blues and blacks, while also effectively treating more vibrant colors such as reds, tans, and oranges.

If you would like to see what options exist for age spots and lentigos or for the tattoo that you regret, please consult us.